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Womanizer, Casanova, Don Juan. Crafty seducers and conqueror of female hearts are known under various names. These men are wary of women, and sometimes with disrespect - but again and again fall for their tricks. If a man changes his girlfriends as gloves - this is truly a punishment for women. But because of the insidious seduction shed tears as exhausted nerves and broken hearts! Do not count ... womanizer just can not long maintain a relationship with one representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Give them the other, and as much as possible.

So who are they - these modern "Casanova"?

One of the studies conducted by psychologists has shown that the lifetime is about 7 male sexual partners. In addition to his wife are 3-4 and 2-3 casual relationships long novel. Persons who fall outside these limits, prescribed characteristic - a womanizer.

And not necessarily to look like a macho womanizer. Much more important is his manner of communication, behavior, attitudes and gestures. He was witty, funny, knows well the psychology of women, so bring beauty to any confidential conversation for him is not difficult.

The most amazing thing is that sometimes womanizer fascinates the process of seduction and sex recedes into the background. However, there are ladies' man, attitude to sex which is fundamentally opposite. They are guided by hormones. They did not even try to hide his interest in the bed, and seek only those women who do not need compliments and unnecessary talk.

According to experts on human souls, most male womanizer rush from woman to woman because they are afraid of attachment to them. Fear close spiritual relationship is for the most part have strong men. Its causes are different. Someone Betrayed by the woman he loved, who had lost her forever, someone believes that strong feelings - a sign of weakness, someone is trying to anyone of the girls do not get attached, after watching the way suffer from this and his friends shortstop.

In life, these men are often successful, and more can achieve. But here they do not know how to love, and something stronger than momentary passion, almost never experience.

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